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Welcome! We are gathering our most loyal giving supporters in this one special place. This is a community of kind-hearted, like-minded planet proud supporters who contribute their time, energy or money to the very necessary work of WWF! And we want to connect you to our world through social meet ups, unique WWF talks and the opportunity to get involved in nature clean ups and other fun environmental activities!

About our Legacy Program

Join the Golden Pandas

WWF South Africa has been committed to our country, its people and the environment for over 50 years. We know you care deeply too. This platform is a place where you can get involved in fun activities in nature to give back and hopefully create long lasting friendships too. If this Golden Panda community resonates with you, we would love you to join our next volunteer event in your city to learn more.
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It is not binding, become friends with us. If our work connects with your desired Legacy, then we can discuss that with you. Encourage your friends to sign up.